Oklahoma Division Officers:

Commander:  Ken Cook
Lt. Commander:  Rex Cash
Judge Advocate/Chief of Heritage Operations:   Bryce Hill
Adjutant:  Jim Orebaugh
Chaplain:   Frank Gilbert
Quartermaster:   Jerry Patrick
Color Sergeant:   Steve Stricklan
Historian:   Bently Couch
Graves Registrar:   Bernie Cooper


Colonel John W. Jordan #817

Commander: Terry Cumber
2200 S. Campbell Creek Rd
Sand Springs, OK 74053-4762
Phone: 918-625-0461

Adjutant: James W. Bowling
Rt. 1 Box 330
Cleveland, OK 74020

3rd Tuesday of every month*
The Rooster and Rose Grill
Cleveland, OK
Contact Adjutant for time of meeting
*Date is subject to change for any reason.

"I always got there first with the most men."
Lt. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest

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